Washburn Vault offers a full line of Concrete Redimix ranging from 2000 – 7000 PSI. Our most common mixes sold range from 3000-5000 PSI. Our Redimix products are used for footings, walls, pads, slabs, bridges and many others. Our new Flow-able fill products are also available. Please call for further information regarding Flow-able.

Our Redimix is manufactured in our batching plant, according to a specific furnish/recipe. The batching plant is run by state-of-the-art software and is also PLC controlled. The result is a precise mixture which undergoes stringent quality control and testing. It is then delivered to your job site by our transit mixers. All redimix that leaves our facility is a mix of Portland Cement, water and aggregates consisting of sand and crushed stone. All of our mixes are bought and sold by cubic yards.

We can meet all your design requirements. Please call us to discuss your specifications.